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How to bypass the pre-receive hook for a single commit?

Sometimes the synchronous scanning of pushes is not feasible due to the size or complexity of the commits pushed. In those cases, developers can include the string **skip-soteri-security-check** in the commit message of the commit which should not be scanned.

If a scan is subsequently triggered via the Repository Scan Report page or the Global Scan Dashboard, the contents of the commit will be scanned. The bypass directive applies to the pre-receive hook only.

When the pre-receive hook is enabled and a commit is bypassed, a warning message is displayed to the pusher:

Additionally, a log message is printed to the Bitbucket log which looks like this:

[INFO] 2022-02-22 13:01:22,106 WARN  [hook-callback:thread-1] admin @1R4HND9x781x74x0 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 "POST /scm/dev/rep_3.git/git-receive-pack HTTP/1.1" i.s.b.s.h.ValidationPreRepositoryHookCommitCallback 'Soteri - Scan Commits': Checks bypassed in push to DEV/rep_1 by jsecurity. Commits skipped: 24debf934a018ab840494cda536fbb5624cee12a f2ec25125a9732eb708cf175326e6065e47154af a1444c181d2d99b1bc8817799ecd4021bef2bda1

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