To help administrators keep track of various events, Security for Bitbucket (version 3.20.0 and later) will place certain entries in Bitbucket’s Audit Log.

Because Soteri uses Bitbucket Audit Event functionality compatible with Bitbucket 7 and later, Bitbucket 6 users will not be able to use Security for Bitbucket 3.20.0 and later.

Accessing the Audit Log

From the Administration panel, choose Audit Log:

This brings up the “Advanced audit log” page:

From here, click on the + More button. A new Categories drop-down will appear. From that, select “Soteri Security for Bitbucket”:

and then click on the Apply button. The events can then be seen:

Clicking on a given event’s arrow will expand the event, revealing more details:

Audited Events

The following events are currently recorded in the Audit Log:

  • Changes in the Global Hook status or mode

  • Built-in rule toggles

  • Custom rule creation, deletion, changes, or toggles

  • Per-repository settings toggles

  • Individual or group access changes to the Global Settings

  • Changes to soteri-security.yml on the default branch of a repository

  • Skipping the Soteri security hook by way of the specialized commit message **skip-soteri-security-check**