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Known Incompatibilities

As systems evolve over time, it is possible that the communication between them no longer functions as intended. Listed here are the known incompatibilities which will render a suboptimal Security for Bitbucket experience.

Using git 2.36.x or higher with Bitbucket 7

Bitbucket 7 is not compatible with git 2.36.x or higher, as documented here: Supported platforms | Bitbucket Data Center and Server 7.21 | Atlassian Documentation.

One symptom of this problem that Security for Bitbucket will manifest is a message similar to

com.atlassian.bitbucket.scm.CommandFailedException: '/opt/homebrew/bin/git cat-file -p 0a94xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx51db:soteri-security.yml' exited with code 128 saying: fatal: path 'soteri-security.yml' does not exist

in the server logs.

Using Security for Bitbucket 3.20.0 or higher with Bitbucket 6

In order to implement Audit Log functionality, Security for Bitbucket had dropped support for Bitbucket 6 as of version 3.20.0. However, Security for Bitbucket 3.19.2 and earlier are still compatible with Bitbucket 6.

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