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How to get notified when a large scan completes?

Security for Bitbucket can send email notifications after scans complete, containing links to view and download the scan results.

Use the REST API for Mass Scanning and provide the email parameter to your REST Call, like so:

curl -u admin -X PUT "https://{bitbucket.server}/rest/security/latest/status/total_rescan?"
curl -u admin -X PUT "https://{bitbucket.server}/rest/security/latest/status/projects/{projectKey}?"
curl -u admin -X PUT "https://{bitbucket.server}/rest/security/latest/status/projects/{projectKey}/repos/{repoSlug}?"
curl -u admin -X PUT "https://{bitbucket.server}/rest/security/latest/status/projects/{projectKey}/repos/{repoSlug}/branches?name=main-branch&"

These commands will send emails to both and when the scans complete. The email parameter may be specified multiple times.

Email notifications are not currently exposed via the UI – only via the REST API.

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