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Defining Custom Detection Rules

Security for Confluence allows you to create custom scanning rules using regular expressions. You can create and edit custom rules from the Settings page, under “Custom rules”:

Only Confluence Administrators can access these settings.

Our application uses the built-in JDK java regex library (Java 8), which you can compare to other regex engines here.

Security for Confluence imposes hard limits on how much memory a rule can use and how long a rule can take to scan a page fragment. Scanning rules which exceed these limits will be automatically disabled, and the scan will be marked as failed.

If a secret in a single page fragment matches more than one rule (built-in or custom), only the first match will be reported.

Here are some example custom rules:

Bitcoin Address


Youtube Links


Auditing changes to custom rules

All custom rule creation, deletion, and updates (including enabling/disabling), are logged to the Confluence Audit log. See Viewing Audited Events for more information.

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