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How do I make sure all projects are scanned, remain scanned, and remain secret-free?

As a Jira administrator, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your instance is as secret-free as possible while the content of its spaces changes.

  1. First, make sure you are using appropriate scanning rules for your instance. This involves enabling the appropriate Built-In Rules as well as creating appropriate Custom Rules that should apply for your organization.

  2. Next, make sure that “Keep space scans up-to-date” is enabled as discussed in Automatically Scanning New and Updated Projects .

  3. Finally, in the Soteri Dashboard , push the Scan All button.

After all project scans are complete, your instance will be actively monitored for secrets, and when a secret is published, you may take the appropriate mitigating action.

Please bear in mind that, if you change which built-in rules are enabled, or if you change the custom rules that are enabled, then you will need to push the Scan All button again to make sure each space scan is up-to-date with the new rules.

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